The term “pasta” indicates a main dish for Italians accompanied by a sauce or other condiment of various kinds. The culture of production of pasta is a national tradition rooted in centuries. But nowadays with fast-paced life, the demand for pasta produced industrially made with all ingredients and philosophies “as it once was”, grows and opens new horizons for long term investments. Unfortunately we have no time and patience to make pasta by hand is for this reason that a small company borns and makes the product “handmade” in large quantities and on reasonable costs.

Our company designs, manufactures and installs plants for fresh pasta production, the always present partner alongside the pasta masters to serve and satisfy a broad clientele of connoisseurs.

In addition to the standard machines collected in this section of the site we design and manufacture customized solutions according to the needs of the most varied clientele.

Do you have any ideas for special formats, ever produced industrially? Or maybe the needs to increase the production of regional pasta “non-standard” that until now have produced half with the traditional method and in half “by hand”, try to contact us – for us there are no impossible enterprises. We invite you to see some examples of our “non-standard” products on youtube.

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Ask for more information