For the production of fresh pasta of different sizes or to be dried

The result of the efficient phase of pasta sheet production is definitely the quality, taste and, consequently, the success of your products. Each dough, in fact, has different properties. For example, for soft doughs with high water content, it is important the special structure, whereas for the pasta sheet produced with the press is essential the effect of the rough artisan product.
The extruder is a machine for the production of fresh pasta of different sizes or to be dried, such as macaroni, fusilli, tagliatelle, spaghetti, etc., with or without eggs: the machine can also produce sheet of any width for the production of lasagne , cannelloni or to feed the forming machines with single or double sheet. The extraordinary flexibility allows use any type of flour or semolina, thus fostering also the production of special pasta.
The extruder has a ribbed extrusion channel and predisposed for the water cooling in a continuous or closed loop chiller to allow to keep the constant temperature of the mixture. The auger extrusion with profile conceived, designed and shaped specifically for the machining of fresh pasta.
The machine allows to exchange the drawplates for different types of product. Installation and control cabinet, safety devices, constructed and installed accordance with current EC regulations. The extruder has a stainless steel tank with hopper feeding blades. The machine complete of the speed regulator controlled by an inverter. Control panel complete of the respective securities, made of stainless steel, built in according to current EC standards.

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