For all type of pasta

The dough is the mass resulting from the union of flour with water and it’s a starting point for the preparation of the pasta.
The types of dough can be varied, according to the type of flour used and depending on the additions that can take place compared to the basic ingredients. The dough also include the use of milk or eggs and the flour used may be derived from cereals, as well as some doughs can be made from potato flour or chestnuts.

The mixture obtained may include, if necessary the addition of salt, sugar, oil and other ingredients, such as yeast.

The final mixture can therefore be used in many and various ways. From pasta production to the preparation of various types of bread. Our machine can also be used to prepare the tepid dough for the production of dumplings. When used to prepare the gluten free dough, the tank of the machine will be submitted to the special non-stick coating according to all the rules in force for the production of food.

The tipper mixer is designed for mixing and kneading of the ingredients for the pasta production. The shaped and adequately inclined blades distribute the dough uniformly into the tank, ensuring the perfect amalgam. At the end of process the tank is elevated for sliding on two guides and the content is overturned in the laminating machine, press or dumplings forming machine.The duration of each mixture is 4-20 minutes. The capacity of the tank indicates the quantity of meal or flour of each mixture. The overturning of mixers allows the discharge of the dough easily and simplifies cleaning.

The machine was built entirely of stainless steel AISI 304. In the design and construction of the machine have been respected all regulations Œ.

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