Technical experience of more than 40 years

The post-sales technical support is a strong point of the company BELVISI PASTA MACHINE S.A.S..

Thanks to the reliability and commitment demonstrated, today BELVISI PASTA MACHINE S.A.S., as well as a continuous widening on the market, has extensive range of customers, who hurl from small artisanal workshops and family businesses to large industries known throughout the national and international level.

The careful organization and the wide assortment of spare parts warehouse allow us to be able to guarantee the rapid assistance and the shipment of spare parts in Italy and abroad.

The quality of technical assistance is personally guaranteed by Mr. Belvisi, technician with more than 40 years of experience in the pasta factories around the world. His expertise and ability in solving any problems are indisputable. Personnel training of pasta factories at which our equipment or systems are installed is one of the aspects on which the company invests more.

The philosophy of BELVISI PASTA MACHINE S.A.S. is to ensure high quality products and services as to a small family business so to an international measurement industry.

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