Ravioli for every taste

The raviolo is a type of fresh filled pasta diffuse throughout Italy, which can take different forms and names depending on the region. In most cases, the raviolo has a square shape and includes in its interior a filling that can be realized in numerous variations. Of the best known are the ravioli filled with ricotta and spinach, the ones filled with minced meat and those filled with fish, particularly refined.

The double sheet ravioli forming machine with the production variable from 50 to 600kg in various formats on catalog and special (on request) destined for medium and large food industry. The forming die is interchangeable. By simply inserting of appropriate  dies you can make any shape: square, rectangular, round, half-moons, or special formats such fish, hearts, stars, and many other formats on request. In addition ravioli can be cut singly or in groups, creating the effect of “handmade”. The number of beats a minute of the die is variable according to the product size. The thickness of the sheet of pasta and of the quantity of filling are adjustable. The double-laminating unit overlapped posteriorly positioned allows free access to the die and putting in line with the sheeters or presses for pasta sheet production.

Loading filling group can be built according to customer requirements:

  • For hard and granulous filling – LOADING WITH SCREW Ø80mm
  • For soft and uniform (no pieces) filling – LOBE PUMP
  • For soft filling with intact pieces (fish, vegetables, mushrooms) – VACUUM PUMP

The adopted technical solutions have allowed the highest reliability and low maintenance requirements. As an option the machine can be completed with cutting device and / or scraps recovery system.

The machine is completely made in stainless steel AISI 304. The machine was designed and built in compliance with CE regulations.

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