The gnocchi is a preparation of extremely widespread food in many countries of the world and has significant differences from one type to another either in form as in ingredients. The gnocchi is an ancient food, prepared with different flours: wheat flour, rice, semolina, with various potatoes or vegetables.

The best known in Italy today are prepared with potatoes, very common are also those prepared by a simple mixture of water and flour, others use the corn flour. They are also used various other ingredients according to the local / regional traditions. The gnocchi can be served as the first, as is traditional in most of Italy, as a main dish or as a side dish. The latter case is more frequent for knödel.

Our gnocchi forming machines are particularly suited for pasta factories, medium and large enterprises. They are robust and simple to use and can work with mixtures of various types from cold to hot mixture to get  smooth or grooved gnocchi, small size gnocchi, but also filled dumplings.

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