Ravioli and Cappelletti: different names for the same products

The filled pasta typical of Italian cuisine. In the various regions it has different names. The Cappelletto is changing into agnolotto in Piedmont and in the Pavese, tortello in Emilia and Lombardy, pansoti or pansotti in Liguria, tortello in almost all of Tuscany, cappellaccio in Ferrarese. It is a product that our forming machine can manufacture in industrial quantities.

The cappelletti are distinct from tortellini for how to close them. In the production of tortellini, once you put the filling into the dough, this is folded onto itself. Instead for the Cappelletto the ends of the dough are stapled, forming a symmetrical closure.

The single sheet ravioli forming machine for production of ravioli and cappelletti has been designed for several variants of pasta, different in sizes and in cutting of the edge. The forming die is interchangeable; the operation is extremely easy and especially fast. This forming machine is able to produce either the filled pasta, type Cappelletti, ravioli and sacks, that the simple pasta like butterflies. The innovation of our company consists in the possibility of applying the “butterflies” format die, never before applicable on the ravioli / cappelletti forming machine.

All parts in contact with the product are made in stainless steel AISI 304, easily removed for a thorough cleaning.

The quantity of beats a minute of the die is variable according to the product size.
The thickness of the sheet and of the quantity of filling are adjustable. The forming machine can be completed by a scrap-cutter system and a group of conveyor belts for the scraps of the sheet.

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