Machine for the pasta lamination

The quality, taste and, consequently, the success of your products are undoubtedly the result of an efficient phase of sheet pasta production. We realize machines for the pasta lamination. Our technical knowledge and solid experience are an integral part of our power systems, unique in their kind.

Automatic sheeter/laminator for the pasta sheet production with variable widths according to your working needs from 250mm to 800mm, especially suitable for pasta factories. The machine is simple to use, easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance.

Made entirely of stainless steel, it allows at industrial level the production of an excellent fresh pasta sheet suitable for any type of use. Thanks to its technical characteristics obtained with studies and experience, makes sure that there is no sudden and excessive variations of heat on the mixture coming from a continuously kneader or by the overturning mixer: this allows to avoid alterations of the product during processing, in organoleptic and aesthetic levels, since the final product is compact and smooth elastic, ready for any subsequent processing.

The particular opening of the doors allows a complete cleaning and sanitizing of internal parts, carried out in conditions of maximum safety for the operator. The gremolatore-laminator group has double sealed lateral shoulders.

The sheeter is fully programmable according to the needs of the processing and pasta production.

The machine was designed and built to feed “continuously” cappelleti and ravioli forming machine, automatic cutters or otherwise any machine that works in single sheet. Or, through the production of pasta rolls, feeds double sheet ravioli forming machine. In the range of our sheeters there is also the machine type “MILLE”, dedicated to the processing of sheets with humidity below 30%, are particularly suitable for such products as lasagne, cannelloni and tagliatelle, etc.

We have also Double front-delivery automatic sheeter machine, which replaces manual systems to high-quality sheet production, useful for producing of noodles, lasagna or ravioli, cappelletti and agnolotti.

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