replacement for the gnocchi forming machine

Flanges of various sizes for the shoulders of the 12 hole model gnocchi forming machine. Spare parts for DUMPLING MACHINES compatible with Agnelli: gears, supports, sealing rings, bearings, flanges, called “wear spare parts” are always available in our warehouse.
The careful organization and vast assortment of the spare parts warehouse allow us to guarantee rapid turnaround times both for assistance and for shipping spare parts in Italy and abroad.
The quality of technical assistance is personally ensured by Mr Belvisi, a technician with more than 40 years of experience in pasta factories all over the world. His competence and ability in solving any problems are indisputable. The training of the staff of the pasta factories where our machinery or systems are installed is one of the aspects in which the company invests the most.

holding ring FLANGEGnocchi 12 fori, 24 fori, 8 fori
Mobile shoulder roller flange Gnocchi 12 fori, 24 fori, 8 fori
Fixed shoulder roller flangeGnocchi 12 fori, 24 fori, 8 fori
Internal loading flangeGnocchi 12 fori, 24 fori, 8 fori
External flange for loadingGnocchi 12 fori, 24 fori, 8 fori

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